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Overview : Frozen shoulder Treatment in Noida

What is this condition?

This is a common and one of the most painful conditions of the shoulder. As the name suggests the shoulder gradually becomes quite stiff and looses its range of movement.

Why does it happen?

The exact cause of frozen shoulder is not known but certain conditions like diabetes, inactivity, injury etc can either predispose or trigger frozen shoulder. The shoulder joint is lined by a glistening loose and elastic capsule which gets affected causing it become red, inflamed and in later stages scarred and contracted. Hence the initial presentation is pain and gradually the shoulder starts to loose its range of movement getting increasingly stiff.

What happens in frozen shoulder?

The first thing most patients will notice is pain which can be quite severe and it can gradually get worse. Occasionally the pain will also be felt at night and can disturb the sleep. The pain is felt around the shoulder and in some patients mainly around the arm. The stiffness normally worsens with time and in some patients the shoulder becomes very rigid with virtually no movement left.

How to treat frozen shoulder?

The treatment of frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) depends of the stage of the disease, degree of symptoms and disability. Medicines: Medicines are mainly to control pain and allow for easy Physiotherapy. Occasionally some supplements may be given to improve the internal environment of the body to facilitate healing.

frozen shoulder

Work Up

The diagnosis of frozen shoulder is usually made on the basis of examination and occasionally we may get an X-ray or an MRI scan. Blood tests are also done mainly to check for diabetes control and other deficiencies, which can contribute to the condition.

Frozen Shoulder

Lifestyle:-  Plays an important role and both diet and posture are improved which helps in improvement. Since most patients in our practice tend to have prediabetes or diabetes attempts are made to reduce circulating sugar and insulin levels. This is usually achieved by going for a low carbohydrate diet and if feasible intermittent fasting.

Physiotherapy:-  Physiotherapy is aimed at reducing pain and also to stretch the shoulder to regain lost movements. It is the cornerstone of frozen shoulder treatment. It may occasionally be combined with other treatments to increase its efficacy.

Injections:-  A large proportion of patients with frozen shoulder will require an injection into the shoulder to reduce the pain and improve mobility. Sometimes the injection will precede the physiotherapy in order to make the latter more tolerable and efficacious. There are several types of intra articular injections and they all have a role in managing the condition.

Surgical intervention: Surgery for frozen shoulder is mainly in form of an arthroscopy of the shoulder (a keyhole surgery which needs tiny incision to insert slender instruments into the shoulder). The surgery involves removing the contracted capsule which frees up the shoulder. The results of frozen shoulder surgery are excellent with success rates of higher than 95%. The surgery is usually followed up with a period of physiotherapy to regain the range of movement.

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Dr Gaurav Rathore is a senior orthopaedic surgeon and additional director for Orthopaedics and joint replacement at the Magenta Clinic and Jaypee Hospital, Noida. He has nearly 22 years experience in Orthopaedics with 11 years in some of the best centres in the UK, including Wrightington hospital, England, the pioneering hospital for joint replacements in the world.

He also has experience of practising in few of the premier Hospitals in UK including University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, Chesterfield Hospital, SWELOC, London etc.

In 2013, he moved to India bringing world class Orthopaedic care to Delhi NCR. He has worked at a senior level at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines; Fortis Escorts, Okhla and Fortis Hospital, Noida. He has been heading an orthopaedic unit at Jaypee Hospital, Noida since 2015. Know More…

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