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Overview : Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment in Noida

The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint, surrounded by several muscles which give it its strength, mobility and stability. The rotator cuff are the tendons of a group of four muscles which lie deep in the shoulder and are commonly affected by several conditions which can lead to pain, stiffness and losses weakness of certain movements.

Conditions can range from

1. Subacromial Impingement : An increased pressure on the tendons when it gets pinched between the top of the arm bone and the undersurface of the bone above the shoulder (acromion process).

2. Tendinitis : The tendon of one or some of the rotator cuff can develop thickening and degeneration.

3. Rotator cuff tears : These can carry from small partial thickness tears to complete tears with retraction

4. Rotator cuff arthritis : In old neglected tears of the rotator cuff the whole shoulder joint can start to degenerate and develop arthritis.

Rotator cuff

Cause of Rotator Cuff Tear:

Rotator cuff diseases are not fully understood but there can be several contributory reasons like occupation (repetitive strain), posture, several diseases like diabetes or high Uric acid levels or injury or the shoulder. The condition can be due to an inflammation of the rotator cuff and structures around it or sometimes due to an injury. These problems are more common in diabetics and patients with other inflammatory conditions.

Symptoms :Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery in Noida

1. Pain : This can be occasional or constant. Initially the pain is mainly on certain positions and in advanced cases can be severe and in all positions of the shoulder. Some patients also complain of a niggling pain at night which disturbs their sleep.

2. Stiffness : Pain can be one of the main causes of stiffness but in some long standing cases the shoulder can develop stiffness due to contractures of the capsule leading to secondary frozen shoulders.

3. Weakness : The commonest weakness is in the ability to lift the arm sideways and usually is related to a tear. In severe tears there can be a global reduction in the power of the shoulder.

Work Up

The condition is normally diagnosed by a clinical examination of the shoulder and is confirmed with X-rays and MRI. The patient may also have routine blood tests.

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment

Most patients with tendinitis and impingement are treated with medicines, physiotherapy, dietary modifications and occasionally specialised injections in the shoulder.

Rotator cuff

A proportion of patients will require surgery in the form of shoulder arthroscopy. The procedure may involve

1. Removing pressure from the tendon (arthroscopic subacromial decompression).

2. Release of contracted tissue (arthroscopic arthrolysis or capsular release)

3. In cases of tear an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

4. Or in very retracted and contracted repair a mini open rotator cuff repair

5. Some patients with rotator cuff arthritis will require a specialised shoulder replacement called a reverse shoulder replacement.


Most of the shoulder surgeries are well established treatments with good results. However the post operative rehabilitation can be quite variable and can take several weeks in some cases specially in old neglected tears where the recovery from surgery to full function can take a few months. Our enhanced recovery programmes post surgery aim to shorten the rehabilitation and also keep it as painless as possible.

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Dr Gaurav Rathore is a senior orthopaedic surgeon and additional director for Orthopaedics and joint replacement at the Magenta Clinic and Jaypee Hospital, Noida. He has nearly 22 years experience in Orthopaedics with 11 years in some of the best centres in the UK, including Wrightington hospital, England, the pioneering hospital for joint replacements in the world.

He also has experience of practising in few of the premier Hospitals in UK including University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, Chesterfield Hospital, SWELOC, London etc.

In 2013, he moved to India bringing world class Orthopaedic care to Delhi NCR. He has worked at a senior level at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines; Fortis Escorts, Okhla and Fortis Hospital, Noida. He has been heading an orthopaedic unit at Jaypee Hospital, Noida since 2015. Know More…

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